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Young people fever with Harry Potter castle in Suoi Tien

Như Nguyễn March 17, 2018

If you are a genuine Potterhead, definitely not ignore Harry Potter at Suoi Tien – this destination right in Saigon.

The magic castle Harry Potter is not only a popular destination in Los Angeles but today, in Saigon alone, you can also experience this interesting place already. Definitely fans of magic guy will love it!

Harry Potter Hall at Suoi Tien – a new destination for young people

When I first heard about the appearance of Harry Potter Park in Saigon, many of my fans were frightened to pull the heck in. It was great to be standing in a huge castle and experiencing a magical world full of magic. Only seen through the film, now you have the opportunity “to touch the artifacts” in this mysterious castle then.

Just looking at the picture that has been tingling impatiently in the already. Not only that, the address is also very close at all. That is Suoi Tien Cultural Tourism, too familiar?

Harry Potter’s Hall at Suoi Tien is located on Suoi Tien Cultural Tourist Area (at 120 Ha Noi Highway, Tan Phu Ward, District 9). Since its inception, this has been the destination to attract many young people to explore and check-in.

This work is very large scale. The model is based on the Harry Potter version. At this point, visitors not only see the unique architecture but also enjoy a colorful world, sound magic mysterious.

Harry Potter’s Park in Saigon covers an area of ​​4.000m². Inside there are mysterious spaces. Here, you will be admiring the models of the characters of this hit series.

Surely you will be lost in this mesmerizing spell. Initially, visitors will be attracted by the confrontation of the young witch and evil lord evil. Then there is the feeling of the heart with the unexpected appearance of the beast inside the castle.

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