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Wind of the exchange place of the people when Dalat

Như Nguyễn March 1, 2018

If you love and intend to skip Dalat in the next time, go to the windsurfing place to meet and exchange with the North Vietnamese people, enjoy the delicious food and bring bags full of information. useful on pho.

Wind shop “points” North North

Are you wondering about Dalat’s trip? What will be played, what is unique or not, where to go to see beautiful scenery, where little known? Where should the house rent, the price, how to get a comfortable home and cheap? If you are thinking of the above, the Wind is the first place you should visit when coming here.

From the name of “Wind,” we have seen the dust, the ceiling, freedom, adventure in the circle, hugging pass, slope. Wind is a restaurant specializing in selling Korean, located at 184 Bui Thi Xuan, Da Lat. The owner is quite young, is an 8x first name, Phong. Phong is a pugnacious, a genuine North Vietnamese. From his passion, he came up with ideas and opened the Winds. He hoped that this would be a place for the brothers to cross North, to meet and support each other. For those who travel to Dalat for the first time, this is a suitable place to have the experience Dalat extremely valuable.

For the first time Dalat Feng Phong, as well as everyone in the shop, helps very enthusiastic. Come to Wind you will get useful information about cheap motels, unique place to play, go Dalat to eat what food, buy something as gifts … Many young people come here to be Phong Detailed instructions, fun to help while you wandering to find a vacation home. Therefore, the image of an enthusiastic shopkeeper, the same brother-in-law has made a lot of players still remember.

Wind shop is decorated very simply with small wooden furniture cockroach. Flowers and trees are skillfully arranged in each corner. Warm yellow lights cover the whole space makes the wind is pretty, cozy as a home for the beloved.

Attractive menu, affordable

Not only is a “warehouse” experience full of Dalat, Wind is a good restaurant, cheap, suitable for travelers who travel Dalat. Main dishes are Korean, Grilled Beef, Bulgagi, Grilled Australian Beef, Three Grilled Beef, One Sun, Grilled Salt, Chilli, These are the items bearing Korean identity: kimchi hot pot, Korean fried noodles, vinegar salad, fried vegetables, kimchi …

In the air of Da Lat wet and cold, sit a warm cry, sip barbecue with hot new hot beer. The weather in Da Lat as a marinated spice for baking, making the grill more delicious, just mouth. The price for the food here is quite cheap, only from 10-90k. You’ll be spoiled for choice with grilled meat dishes with a rich meat recipe without worrying about the price.
In addition to grilled dishes, Korean dishes, wind also attracted people by the personality drinks. Besides the brown Tiger bottles, Tiger Silver Wind also serves attractive wine such as wine, wine, etc. are warmed with an aromatic nose.

If you have the opportunity to beat Dalat, you go to the wind once to enjoy the delicious barbecue and air into the atmosphere of brotherly, enthusiastic, friendly.

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