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The unique experience is unique in Ta Phin


The unique experience is unique in Ta Phin

ngocanh September 18, 2018

Ta Phin is not only famous for its natural wildlife, terraced fields, … but also the place of many visitors who want to come here to learn about customs and cultural beauty. national identity.

Discover the beauty of Ta Phin Road to Ta Phin Sapa

Ta Phin village is about 17km away from the center of Sapa town in the direction of going back to Highway 4D from Lao Cai city to about 4-5km there is a fork turn into the small asphalt road, go another section you will see a Each ticket costs 20,000 dong, then turn left to Ta Phin. To move here, you can rent a motorbike for about 120-170 VND / car or if you are afraid of mountain slopes, you can rent motorbike taxi or rent cars in the center of Sapa. In many sections, the hilly side of the road, the two sides are the green leafy terraces, the winding field hugging the hills, creating soft curves like the undulating ripples in the valley. .

What is Ta Phin? This is the village of the Red Dao brings the difference in architecture of houses, the way home decoration, scripts, costumes, jewelry and especially the festival. The merchandise of the women that sells it is the baloons, travel coats, towels, hand bags, …

Special brocade is an indispensable gift for visitors every time to set foot in Sapa. The motifs shown on brocade are the essence of the culture rich national identity makes Sapa brocade different from the brocade of other regions. Ta Phin village is also famous for its medicinal bath for strong and healthy skin, bathing price of 80-100 VND / time or can buy cloth Brocade as a gift to family, friends. In addition, in Ta Phin there are many photographic sites such as Ta Phin Sapa Monastery and Ta Phin Cave – where there are limestone mountains and a branch of the Hoang Lien Son Range. With a height of about 5m, 3m wide opens a pathway to the ground and has many beautiful stalactites under the cave.

Besides, there is a bridge hanging over Muong Hoa stream bringing attractive beauty along with azaleas as a highlight to attract young people to chekin here. In Ta Phin, there are traditional dishes of local people such as boiled armpits, fried chicken with lemongrass, cooked pork and bamboo shoots, etc. Come to Ta Phin Sapa village , visitors will learn more about the customs, habits and lifestyle of human life such as wedding ceremony, Bai Tram rituals, ba ba, buy bells, singing love delivery, …

Ta Phin holiday in Sapa

As well as other popular tourist destinations in Sapa, Ta Phin also has homestays that are uniquely designed in the heart of the village. Guests can rent a night room at the village for an enjoyable experience with the locals. Situated right on the mountain side, this homestay features a terrace and a jacuzzi, built in classic Dao style. Guests can dine at the restaurant. In addition, you can cook yourself in the communal kitchen. Here, visitors can easily move to the famous tourist attractions such as Sapa Lake, Fanssipan Legend cable car station, …

Ta Phin Stone Garden Ecological

This resort is surrounded by lush greenery, this is a quiet retreat, ideal for those who want to dispel all the fatigue in life. Rooms are simply designed with wooden flooring, hanging piles, mosquito nets and balconies overlooking the poetic mountains. During the sapa tour, Ta Phin village is one of the most attractive places to visit. This place has something attractive, with vntrip.vn learn the hidden beauty here!


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