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Travel Galina Phu Quoc – “Paradise” resort on the island of jade

ngocanh October 23, 2018

Mud bath is one of the types of services not only help you get a beautiful skin but also enhance health. And Galina Phu Quoc is the first resort in the “Pearl Island” with mineral mud bath services. Come here and experience, certainly will not disappoint you.

Introducing resort paradise Galina Phu Quoc

Address Galina Mud Bath & Spa

Galina Resort is located near the beach in the green of Duong To town, Phu Quoc International Airport only takes 10 minutes travel, convenient for travel. Galina is built on the idea of ​​”people and nature blend into one”, so that the entire architecture and landscape here bring a beauty, green peace.

Directions to Galina Phu Quoc

Located more than 8km Duong Dong town, you can go here by motorbike, car or car by tour is. Here is the route to Galina Phu Quoc Resort that you can refer.

From Duong Dong town, you go west on the way to Cach Mang Thang Tam, go to Chin Do grocery store, turn left on Tran Phu. Go straight about 700m to Loan Chi Fashion Shop, turn left into Mac Cuu. Go all the way to Mac Cuu Phu Quoc glass shop, turn right to Nguyen Trung Truc. Continue straight past the octopus night, at Palace Ba – Thuy Long Mau Mau turn left Vo Thi Sau. To Thien Viet Advertising Joint Stock Company, turn right on Tran Hung Dao street to Galina Phu Quoc.

Experience mud bath in Galina Phu Quoc

At Galina Mud Bath & Spa Phu Quoc offers all 21 mud pools and 19 luxury spa rooms for you to choose from. Bring the best moments of your trip to Phu Quoc Island. Being soaked in mud, warm and enjoying the fresh sea breeze and watching the blue sky is even better.

The mineral mud used in Galina Phu Quoc is an inorganic mineral sludge extracted from natural mineral mud of the highest quality. The main component of this type of sludge is silicon sodium carbonate contains micro-mineral so it has high antiseptic properties. Therefore, visitors are completely assured of the quality of mineral mud when visiting the Galina Phu Quoc.

Here are the main benefits of hot mineral mud bathing:

– Clean the skin, make the skin soft and white.

– Exfoliating, removing dirt on the skin.

– Restoring health, purifying and detoxifying the body

Reduce arthritis and related bone disorders.

– Reduces stress, relieves tension and fatigue.

– Stimulates circulation and blood circulation.

In addition to high quality mineral mud bath services in Galina Phu Quoc Mud Bath & Spa, there are other services. For example, soaking and body massage in the Jacuzzi, hydrotherapy hydrotherapy system, outdoor swimming pool, nice view or foot massage with exciting backdrop …

Get pampered with luxury spa services at Galina

Enjoy spa services at Galina Phu Quoc

The spa consists of 12 rooms, including 4 VIP rooms built right on the beach, so poetic promises to bring you the most comfortable moments.

After experiencing the health care services here, you also enjoy the attractive dishes with the sea flavor of “Pearl Island”. Located in the resort, the restaurant has spacious space, airy, rich menu and variety. Not only serve food for visitors use the service of Galina Phu Quoc that the restaurant here also organizes exchanges, teambuilding, birthday, …

Experience the hydrothermal hydrotherapy system

Have fun at the reverse sprinkler

Do not hesitate any more visit Galina Phu Quoc Mud Bath & Spa to enjoy the relaxing moment in Phu Quoc resort. Having fun chatting with friends and relatives is soaking in the mud in the fresh air, promising to bring exciting experiences.


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