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Top 3 Homestay in Da Nang – Every muse is a beautiful “scallop”


Top 3 Homestay in Da Nang – Every muse is a beautiful “scallop”

ngocanh September 18, 2018

If you are tired of luxury services or simply want to reduce the cost of a self-sufficient Da Nang tourism tour, homestay in Danang is a better option for travelers. . Homestay has never been hot in this city, each muse brings a unique beauty, separate mysterious.

Mo House Danang – Homestay in Danang dreaming of Bohemia Address: K126 / 20 Nguyen Duy Hieu street, Son Tra district, Da Nang city

Located at K126 / 20 Nguyen Huy Hieu, the Han river bridge is only 3km, Mo House is the perfect choice for a trip to Da Nang self-sufficiency and friendship with a gentle but impressive design. Luxury. Not only that, the price of a room here is very reasonable also one of the top reasons to attract the soul to explore this place.

With the nostalgic tone, especially the gentle combination between Vietnamese brocade and Bohemian style, Mo House Da Nang is a delight to visitors because of its warmth and lightness.

Dunu Danang Hostel – “Book Villa” Address: K34 / 20 Le Huu Trac, An Hai Dong, Son Tra Dist., Da Nang

Located in a prime location, only 1km from the Dragon Bridge, Dunu Danang Hostel is an extremely beautiful book house. If there is a chance to come to Da Nang City without living once in Dunu, it is a big mistake. All items in the house are covered with a bright color combined with the art of delicate decoration, especially a book is invested carefully for the bookwomen are interested in tourism. Homestay Da Nang near the Dragon Bridge not only bring you to the world of knowledge but also bring you peace, serenity in the soul.

An Nhien Homestay – “Peace Gardens” for the soul

Address: 320/5 Hoang Dieu, Hai Chau District, Da Nang An Nhien Homestay is not showy, not too aggressive, but only big trees in front of the gate marking the souls wandering, traveling everywhere to find places to stop, hiding in the room with sunshine and wind I am with music. With a slogan of “free, natural, voluntary, self-serving, self-pay at the roundabout and softly after 10 pm”, this beautiful Homestay in Da Nang is always welcoming people to sit here under the trees. , listen to old stories of each other, pensive, playful and interesting. In An Nhien has bookcases with all kinds of books from detective, novels to literature arts and technology. What a paradise for people who love books, find a fish tank under the trees, sit sipping tea and read books. If you want to find a place away from the chaos, An Nhien Homestay in Danang is an ideal address for your trip.

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