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Six Senses Con Dao – “Paradise” dream resort in Vietnam

ngocanh October 23, 2018

Besides famous sites in history, Con Dao also has Six Senses Con Dao – a famous resort. Here, just lying in bed you can also zoom in to see the majestic mountain panorama, immense sea, …. With Vietnamtips explore this paradise dream!

Explore Six Senses Con Dao

Located about 2km from Con Dao National Park; 8km from Con Son airport, this resort is considered as the top resort in Vietnam.

The special feature of this luxury resort is that it is environmentally friendly. All building materials are derived from natural sources. Add to that the space is in harmony with nature. Behind the green trees are bowls, in front of the wide sea with white sand endless …. Wonderful natural scenery surrounds the resort as a painting by a famous artist painted so.

With great attractions, Six Senses Con Dao has received many prestigious awards. For example, the International Commercial Property Awards of Bloomberg Television (USA) is honored to be the world’s finest building and design for small hotels. Or in 2012, overtaking other competitors to become the best resort resort; Prizes at the International Real Estate Expo.

Facilities at Six Senses Resort

As the first 5 star resort in Con Dao, this place has a modern design style but retains the character of the traditional fishing village of Vietnam. Situated along the pristine coastline, it is often referred to as the lower heaven. In order to bring great tranquility to visitors, Six Senses is nestled in the clear blue sea and completely separated from the outside world.

There are also 50 villas made of wood and along the coast. Each unit has a simple but luxurious design with full facilities and facilities in 5 star standard. In addition, each villa has a private swimming pool, outdoor sunbathing area, … all give visitors the best feeling of enjoyment.

Each villa has 2 floors with area from 150m2 to 194m2. On the 2nd floor is a bedroom with beautiful sea view and an indoor bathroom. In the open-plan bathroom with double wash basin, outdoor shower, bathtub. Private infinity pool and terrace with sun loungers. In addition to modern technologies such as, Bose sound system, DVD, iPod dock, ….

Six Senses Con Dao has an intimate and privacy design. Besides, there are also many recreational activities for all ages. For example, water sports, on the beach, mountain climbing, exploring the nature, … ensure the satisfaction of the most difficult customers.

There is also Six Senses Spa built near the beautiful scenery of LoVi Mountain and surrounded by tropical gardens. Spa includes a Yoga and Meditation Area, four indoor treatment rooms, three outdoor therapy rooms, and a sauna.

Excellent food at Six Senses Con Dao

Here, visitors will be immersed in European-style dishes and traditional flavors of Vietnam. Vietnamese at the Market serves traditional dishes; Deli’cious offers on-site dining options or take-away; By the Beach is a panoramic oceanfront restaurant that specializes in seafood, vegetables, fruits and local herbs; Destination Dining with barbecue for picnics.

The culinary point is that all dishes are made from organic ingredients. Chefs use natural, fresh food sources to ensure the health of their customers. Beside that you can also freely choose the place to enjoy the meal. It can be in restaurants, villas, beaches, …. Resort ready to serve in place.

Explore nature

Close to Six Senses Con Dao is Con Dao National Park. This is the first island to receive Ramsar certification in Vietnam. It is a natural gift for the flora and fauna system. You can see coral reefs, mangroves, seagrasses, nurseries and marine life preservation. The shallow water is home to many species of animals such as dolphins, sea cows, sea turtles, …

Visitors to Con Dao National Park can see the diverse marine life. There are also many interesting activities such as scuba diving, fishing, cycling, nature walks, yachts or travels combining scientific research.


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