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Quang Binh tourism manual from A to Z

Như Nguyễn April 18, 2018

After the film “hit” “Kong: Skull Island” was released, Quang Binh not only attracted domestic tourists but also attracted foreign visitors to discover and experience. So what’s interesting in Quang Binh? Please join Vietnamtips to learn and prepare for the trip to Quang Binh earthquake nhé!

The ideal time to travel to Quang Binh

The weather in the central provinces is divided into two seasons: the rainy season and dry season. Therefore, you should pay attention to the time to avoid hot weather. The end of March to mid-August is the ideal time to start the tour of Quang Binh. For those who plan to go to the beach, it is possible to go around late April to mid-May to avoid being hit by heavy storms.

Transfer to Quang Binh

Airplane: is the most convenient means for travel Quang Binh. Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, and Vietjet Air all have flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Dong Hoi Airport (Quang Binh) with fares ranging from 500,000 to 1,500,000 VND. Dong Hoi Airport is about 5km away from the center of Quang Binh, so you can take a taxi or take a bus to the center easily.

However, because the fares from Ho Chi Minh City to Quang Binh in the high season are usually quite high, it is best to hunt from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh, Danang or Hue and catch the train or bus to Dong Hoi…


From Hanoi: You choose Hanoi – Quang Binh route with the price of 200,000 – 300,000 VND / person/bed. Travel time is about 10-12 hours. Some cars for your reference are Hoang Long, Hung Long, Hoang Linh, Dung Hong.
From Saigon: You take the Saigon – Quang Binh route of the Hoang Long car depart from the east bus station, fares from 550,000 – 650,000 VND with travel time more than 26 hours.
From Da Nang, Hue, you can take the bus to Quang Binh for only 150,000 – 200,000 VND / visit and travel time about 4-6 hours.

From Hanoi: A train is also an economical option for Quang Binh tourists from Hanoi with fares from 250.00 – 800.000 VND / time/person depending on seat type and type of boat and travel time from 10 -12 o’clock.
From Ho Chi Minh: Sai Gon – Quang Binh fares range from 500,000 – 1,400,000 VND / person/way with a travel time of about 22 hours.
Traveling in Quang Binh
To Quang Binh, you can rent a motorbike to take the initiative and go more freely. Motorbike rental is about 150,000 VND / day. If you follow the family, the big group can rent cars 4 or 16 seats with the price of about 900,000 – 1,500,000 VND / day, then by dividing the head is quite economical.

The tourist spots in Quang Binh

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park
Come to Quang Binh, you definitely have to explore the population of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, a natural world natural heritage that was given to the people of Quang Binh. About 50 km from Dong Hoi city, Phong Nha – Ke Bang possesses majestic natural beauty, magnificent limestone caves and many unique landscapes that can not be found elsewhere.

Phong Nha cave

Phong Nha was voted one of the most beautiful caves in the world. Discover Phong Nha, you will be really conquered by the beauty of the beautiful white stone arch and numerous blue stone jade turquoise.

Heavenly Cave

It is a wonder in the heart of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and located at an altitude of 360m above sea level, Heavenly caves are considered as “Garden of Eden on Earth”. Thien Duong is the longest dried cave in Asia, with its stalactite stalactites and stalactites, which will surely appeal to all visitors coming to Quang Binh.

Tien Son Cave

Tien Son cave was formed tens of millions of years ago and is considered as the place where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the fresh air and pure air. You will feel very relaxed, relaxed and comfortable when admiring the beauty that the Creator has favored the land here.

Hang En

Nestled among the wild mountains is Hang En – the third largest cave in the world. To conquer the cave, you have to “forest wading streams” on the road more than 10km. However, all the hard work seems to be blurred when enjoying the natural scenery and wonderful mountain forests where no one has been.

Son Doong cave

Being the largest cave in the world, Son Doong Cave attracts thousands of international tourists to “go diving” to Quang Binh for a chance to discover and experience the wonders of nature here. Discover the Do Son cave, you like the world of fairy tales and will be admired before the beauty of nature. Son Doong Cave is over 200 meters high, 9km long with many waterfalls, huge cliffs, and rich vegetation, … has created the beauty cannot mix that created favor in the land of Quang Jar.

Chay River – Dark Cave

Chay River – Cave of Darkness is a place not to be missed in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang clusters for those who love adventure tourism. Bold colors of tropical forests and cool blue water, this place also attracts visitors by the outdoor activities such as air rails, kayak, …

Nuoc Mooc

Coming to Mooc Stream, you can not only admire the beautiful landscape as picturesque, diverse ecosystem but also participate in exciting activities. Nuoc Mooc attracts visitors by the cool blue jade water surrounded by green forests and majestic mountains. Here you are spoiled for fun in the cool water and participate in the adventure games such as rope swing (go zip line), jump bridge, go kayak, …

Nhat Le beach

Nhat Le beach is one of the most famous beaches in Quang Binh. Put your soul into the romantic beauty of Nhat Le beach, you will feel peaceful and relaxed when mixing in the blue water in cool and be relaxing on the long sandy beach.

Bai Rock

Also a famous beach in Quang Binh, the jungle is more wild and idyllic with cliffs of various shapes. Coming to Bai Nhay Beach to enjoy the white sandy beach with the sound of waves fluttering, dropping themselves into the cool water dispelled to dispel the hot heat of the central land – Quang Binh.

Bao Ninh beach

Right adjacent to Nhat Le beach is Bao Ninh beach poetic. Bao Ninh Beach is spreading along the Nhat Le River and brings to you the tranquility of tranquil blue water, the soaring hills and the coconut groves in the wind, all create the mineral space and Peaceful of a calm sea.

Nhat Le River

Quang Binh tourism, you can not ignore the sunset experience on the beautiful river Nhat Le. Not only is the tourist attraction of Quang Binh, Nhat Le River also associated with many historical and cultural events of the nation.

Quang Phu sand dunes

Situated 8km from the city center, Quang Phu sand dunes with 10m high sand dunes and long sand dunes such as shining sunbeds are a great attraction for exploring and experiencing new sandy slides… From sunrise to sunset, you can admire the sand dunes change color by the moment in a day.

Vung Chua – Dao Yen

Vung Chua – Yen island is known as the last resting place of General Vo Nguyen Giap. Today, many visitors to Quang Binh often visit here to express gratitude and respect to the great general of the nation.

Quang Binh Quan

Not only many caves and beautiful beaches, Quang Binh also owns an architectural masterpiece, a historical monument built over 400 years ago. Highlighted with the unique ancient architecture, Quang Binh is also a historical evidence in the war Lord Trinh – Nguyen has entered the national history.

Bang mineral springs

About 60km from Dong Hoi city, Bang hot mineral water is one of the most beautiful and hot springs in Vietnam. Indulge yourself in the Bang hot springs, let the hot water get rid of all the fatigue and busy life of the chaos, to help you have relaxed and comfortable moments.

Bau Tro

Just a few steps from the sea, Bau Tron is a freshwater lake between sand dunes with the poetic scenery. With clear water, Bau Tró is a water source for the people of Quang. Bau Tró is also a large archeological site with many monuments of ancient primitive people.

Quang Hoa cakes

Banh xeo is a dish that is very familiar to the Vietnamese people. However, to enjoy the central pancake characteristics right position, to find Quang Hoa pancakes in Quang Binh. Only with the raw materials such as red rice, shrimp, banana fish, vegetables, Quang Hoa people have created hot crispy cake crispy desserts create attractively.

Quang Binh soup soup

Porridge soup is a dish of Quang Binh quality and rustic, simple as the people of Quang. Congee soup is made from thick noodles, yellow broccoli, shrimp, lean pork and special ingredients indispensable as snakehead fish. The soup is usually eaten in the morning and certainly will please the most demanding customers.

Quang Binh plastic dough

Flexible plastic processing from the Quang Binh people from the process of selecting potatoes, boiled and then sliced dry in the sand for 9-10 days. Perhaps the potato pieces are also deeply absorbed in the taste of sun, wind and white sand so the yogurt becomes more special than ever.

Seafood specialty

Being a specialty of the people of Quang Binh, the sea is strange but extremely delicious and nutritious. Seaweed is used for various kinds of dishes such as Porridge, ramen, grilled chicken, roasted grilled leaf rolls and roasted pork casserole, oaked wine.

Eel specialty, oysters

With prices ranging from 25-50k / bowl, dishes like eel soup, eel soup, eel soup, and oysters are simple but rustic, but the taste is very delicious, fatty. Come to Nganh restaurant to enjoy specialty eel and oysters of Quang Binh nhé.

Quang Binh filter cake

Originating from the Hue filter cake, when coming to Quang Binh, the filter cake brings a unique flavor to this land. A cake is made from fresh cassava with pork, chicken, shrimp, mushroom, … inside, when eating with fish sauce, just delicious cheap.

Bloods of Roo river

Bloodshed in the Roon River is processed into a variety of dishes, but the most outstanding may be a blood cockle lemon juice blood fish sauce. With nutritious and nutritious ingredients, Roasted Sea Scallop is sure to be an indispensable dish in the list of cuisines to enjoy in Quang Binh.

Potato fish hot pot

When you visit Quang Binh in the winter, do not forget to enjoy this delicious pot of sweet potato strange mouth. To make this characteristic dish, fish must be fresh and thick meat to not be crushed, the hot pot must also be full of ingredients such as tamarind juice, pickles, sour bamboo shoots, tomatoes, … are enough to the flavor.

In addition, there are many famous dishes that you can enjoy when you come to Quang Binh tourism you should enjoy such as rice soup, cucumber soup, sea buckthorn, Dong Hoi cake, Tan An cake Prawn lures, fried chicken, great chilies eat rice paper, …

Hotels in Quang Binh

When you join the Quang Binh tour will be a lot of hotels and motels to choose from

Sun Spa Resort & Villas

Address: My Canh, Bao Ninh, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh
Standard: 5 stars

With the convenient location, 3 sides of the sea in My Canh, Dong Hoi and stretching on a beautiful white sandy peninsula, Sun Spa Resort & Villas is sure to be the perfect choice for your stay.

Riverside Hotel – Quang Binh
Address: Truong Phat, Hai Thanh, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh
Standard: 4 stars

Riverside Hotel – Quang Binh is located in the center of Dong Hoi city and overlooks Nhat Le river. Built in French colonial style, Riverside Hotel will bring you a wonderful experience.

Tuong Minh Hotel

Address: 20 Ly Thuong Kiet, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh
Standard: 3 stars

Tuong Minh Hotel offers a full range of room facilities, sure to bring comfort and convenience to all travelers traveling in Quang Binh.

What to buy in Quang Binh?

In addition to the fresh seafood such as shrimp, crabs, fish, crabs, squid …, you can buy dry goods such as sweet potato, dried squid, a squid, rim ink, live filter as a gift to people. friends and friends after the trip Quang Binh.

These can be found at Dong Hoi market or some specialty supermarkets in the area such as:
– Quang Trung Central Specialty Supermarket: Truong Phuc Street (next to Nhat Le Trade Union Hotel)
– Central specialty Supermarket 24h: National Highway 1A – Bo Trach Quang Binh.
– Supermarket 3 specialties on Ly Thuong Kiet Street.

Hope the useful information of Vietnamtips will help you have a journey to Quang Binh interesting!

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