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Nha Trang travel experience more interesting

Như Nguyễn March 3, 2018

Nha Trang is always a popular tourist destination, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit. If you are planning a trip to the sea, please refer to Nha Trang travel guide below to make the trip really perfect and wonderful.

Nha Trang Tourism

Nha Trang is the central coastal region, with little rain and storm, year-round sunshine and light wind, divided into two distinct seasons: dry and rainy season.

The average temperature in Nha Trang usually ranges from 22-30 degrees Celsius, which is very convenient for all activities, sightseeing and exploring.

Luggage for Nha Trang trip

Depending on the time of rest you should prepare your luggage for a fuller and more suitable trip.

Luggage for the trip should be compact, just enough use. If you go to the beach, you only need to bring sandals, shoes, yellow hat, sunscreen. If you want to conquer the forest, mountains, a pair of sports shoes will be very important for your exploration journey.

Weather Nha Trang very stable, so when traveling to Nha Trang, you do not need to equip too many warm clothes, just bring a thin jacket, long sleeves.

Some common medications, such as digestive tract, headache, fever, insect bites, are very important to help you in the event of an unfortunate medical condition.

In addition, you should carry some very important items such as identity card, driver’s license …

Have fun, bathing Nha Trang

Nha Trang tourists, most visitors prefer swimming. This city has many beaches for visitors to choose from, most of which are clean and have fewer waves. However, to ensure safety, you avoid swimming too far or drinking alcohol before bathing, so it will be dangerous.

If you want to participate in sea games such as windsurfing, motor scooters … make sure you know how to swim well enough.

In addition, the resort in Nha Trang also has interesting scuba diving activities. If you want to experiment with this experience, you need to be able to go into the water. Pay special attention, you do not dive alone but should dive with your team so that when needed will be supported in time. These are the experiences that go to Nha Trang very much and are shared by many, to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

Enjoy local specialties

To enjoy the specialties in Nha Trang, visitors can visit the night market or the local market. These places often sell delicious food that you are looking for. Here, travelers spoiled for choice of dishes that they love and enjoy on the spot.

Shopping in Nha Trang
Shopping after the trip is never forgotten. Dam Market Nha Trang is the ideal place if you want to buy specialties Nha Trang as a gift.

It is said that Dam Market is where you can find many meaningful and nutritious gifts, from souvenirs to dried seafood, rim me ink, Ninh Hoa nem …

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