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You know that there are beautiful scenes in Can Gio?


You know that there are beautiful scenes in Can Gio?

Như Nguyễn May 25, 2018

Speaking to Can Gio, many people will think of beautiful beaches, an ideal retreat to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. For the Saigon people, Can Gio is always the first choice for weekend breaks. Here, visitors will enjoy fresh seafood, immersed in pure water, cool but also beautiful pictures again. In today’s article, we would like to share places with beautiful Can Gio to help you get more beautiful photos when traveling here.

List of beautiful locations in Can Gio

1. Vam Sat

Vam Sat is a mangrove ecological tourism site inside Can Gio Biosphere Reserve. One of the great weekend getaways to finding in the wild, fresh nature. When you come here, other travelers will feel the richness of natural Can Gio with many species of plants and animals living here.

Due to being away from residential areas, Vam Sat is less affected by people. Wild nature with rich flora and fauna has created a space that has a lot of beautiful Can Gio. The picturesque landscape is one of the attractions that visitors come to.

Guests will discover the mangrove forest, Doi Nghe conservation area, conquer Tang Bong tower, walk through the forest, catch crocodile or play at the natural zoo. Besides, you can enjoy countless delicious dishes in Vam Sat tourist area.

2. Nam Hai Bridge

Nam Hai is located in Phuong Nam, Duyen Hai, Long Hoa, Can Gio. The bridge was built with the purpose of bringing visitors to the beach restaurant extremely unique. But young people come here often called love bridge because there are many young people choose here to make a shooting location.

Phuong Nam Pearl Resort is one of the most unique and unique marine resort. The hotel provides the most up-to-date facilities. Ideally located next to the famous 30/4 beach with casuarinas casuarina, the large resort campus promises to bring you great moments.

3. Can Thanh Town

When you come to the town of Can Thach every tired tired worry naturally vanished. Located in the suburbs of the city, another peaceful, quiet, peaceful world compared to other cities. The path to the shady town and golden flowers from the trees on both sides of the road is extremely beautiful.

For those who love photography, should come here in the season is the message is the most suitable, this road will become beautiful and romantic inferior to the flower streets in Saigon where. In addition, you can glide through Can Gio market to enjoy the delicious seafood.

4. Thanh An Island

Thanh An Island is a relatively untouched sea, so there are not many recreational activities. Come here, visitors will be strolling on the sea dike to immense view, taking pictures on the rocky road in the middle of the sea, or with friends enjoy the attractive seafood on the island.

The most beautiful time in Thach An Island to get beautiful and virtual photos that are at sunset and dawn. Therefore, you come here before sunset to the embankment, sea wind and photography. And the next day, you go to the sea early in the morning to watch the sunrise, feel a peaceful atmosphere on the island where no one is.

5. Monkey Island

Monkey Island is home to more than 1000 monkeys of Macaca Rhérus and Macaca Fassicularit. Therefore, this place is not only a favorite destination of domestic visitors but also attracted a lot of interest of foreign visitors that again.

Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the natural monkey garden, admire and observe monkeys extremely interesting new interesting. Smart monkeys here will make your trip more new and interesting. And in particular, the monkeys are very friendly and do not snap the camera so you can comfortably take photos with them. Take care of your belongings, however, because the monkeys will take away your belongings from time to time.

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