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House Of Lens Coffee – Experience the Bali Swing Adventure in Vietnam

ngocanh September 21, 2018

Do you know the Bali Swing adventure game? Bali Swing is famous for its dangers and nowadays the adventure game is available in Vietnam. No need to go to Bali far, come to House Of Lens Coffee to experience this fascinating game offline. House Of Lens Coffee House Of Lens Coffee is located in a small alley, No. 14/19 Cu Chinh Lan, Tu An, Ho Chi Minh City. Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak. This is a quiet and very quiet cafe, separated from the world of bustling bustle outside. The first impression when coming here is the nostalgic style interspersed with the modern sophistication. Need to find a place to read books? A place to study? Or simply a place to gather friends or date with the bears, House Of Lens Coffee is the ideal choice for you. At Lens, there are large tables and chairs for crowds and even small tables for private space.

Exquisite space from the outside is decorated extremely meticulously the classic style is like a note in the noisy music of life. For peace of mind relax, a little peace of mind in coffee cups brand name Dak Lak will help you dispel the tiredness of the surface. House Of Lens Coffee Buon Me Thuot brings a peaceful space, gentle to the heart. This has attracted many visitors come here to enjoy. Especially the nostalgic arena where this has become a romantic dating place for couples. With the wild beauty mixed a bit of modern, the quiet intermixed romance and background on the “quality”, you will be fascinated with the virtual “so deep” quality of this lively. The forest of this small house is not only hot because of the super view, but also because of the delicious drinks.

Try the feeling of sitting sipping pure coffee cups and drinks high mountainous forests. A glass of rambutan, wild strawberry or forest canvas, orange peach tea, pineapple cocktail … spoiled for you to enjoy. The average price is from 20K – 50K. House Of Lens Coffee Daklak also brings a very interesting for you, that is the game of swing Bali Swing that we often see on the beautiful island of Bali. Bali Swing is famous for its adventurous explorers, no need to go anywhere, just visit House Of Lens Coffee is able to experience it yourself. Sitting in the air and ducking in the valley of a thousand trees, on a swing with a thread tightened to the trunk length of more than 10 meters just above the abyss. You will immediately notice the adventure of the game. Although there are some “scary people” but you rest assured that the game is extremely safe.

You will feel very happy when being swept between nature, admire the scenic mountain forests from a purely “unique-angle”. And remember that you will be playing the swing freely without any time limit as well as the number of times when coming to House Of Lens Coffee offline.

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