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Explore the Vung Tau – Ben Tre high-speed train “blink of an eye”

Như Nguyễn February 26, 2018

After the high-speed train Saigon – Can Gio – Vung Tau recently, GreenLines has opened the Vung Tau express train Ben Tre on January 28. With this new route, traveling time will be reduced in half, but the price is not too high. Great to try!

New Ben Tre Vung Tau Expressway
This is the first waterway link between Vung Tau and the Western provinces. In Ben Tre, the pier is located on the Tien River at Rach Mieu Ferry. Vung Tau cable car station. In parallel with that, Tien Giang province also agreed to place the wharf at wharf 30-4 ward 1, My Tho city.

According to information, the new high-speed train travel time is 2h15 minutes. So instead of going 4 hours by road before, the time has been shortened to half a little offline.

Each day, the ship will take two trips and return with 100 GreenlinesDP K7 ships and Greenlines DP C8 with 130 seats. In short, the number of passengers is so low that every day, the train only runs one trip and one return trip.

Vung Tau Ben Tre Express will depart at 7:30 from Ben Tre and 16:15 in Vung Tau. However, due to the boat landing at Rach Mieu, it was dark, making it difficult for passengers to change boat time. From 8-2, the train will depart more than 30 minutes is 7 am in Ben Tre. Last day from Vung Tau to Ben Tre will run at 15h30.

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