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Experience “hunting” the Vung Tau apricot blossom

Như Nguyễn March 3, 2018

Coming to Vung Tau you will not only be immersed in the shores of the blue water but also have the opportunity to watch the beautiful apricot blossom – one of the flowers of the beautiful beauty of Vung Tau. Here is the Vung Tau tourist experience watching the blooming apricot blossom to help you have a great holiday.

The flower of Vung Tau

Hoa moi is quite strange to many tourists in Vung Tau. This flower is similar to the Japanese cherry blossom. But if you look carefully you will notice that this flower is different.

The apricot blossom is not only pink, pink but also pure white, with a darker color on the outside and fading in. The beautiful apricot blossoms are like the shy cheeks of a young girl. The apricot kangaroo bell-shaped with many red spots, the flower-shaped lobes, corolla like wings glistening in the wind.

Not only have beautiful looks, apricot blossoms also smell light, attractive, causing many bees, butterflies “love” surrounded. When standing near a branch apricot blossom apricot blossom, you will surely feel the gentle, gentle aroma of this flower.

The best time to visit Vung Tau to see the apricot blossom

If you travel to Vung Tau, you choose the best time to see a vibrant city of pink flowers of apricot blossom. The following are some of the Vung Tau tourist experiences to help you see the beautiful apricot blossom.

On the occasion of spring, if the North is highlighted by the color of peach flowers, the South in general and Vung Tau in particular, blossom blooming apricot blossom. Rose of the apricot blossom is like a spring salute, a surprise gift that is created for Vung Tau.

Other than the noisy, busy every day, every morning to the seaside city tourism Vung Tau again brings a completely different beauty, a beautiful beauty, special and charming.

Những Cung đường ngắm Hoa đỗ Mai tuyệt đẹp tại Vũng Tàu

Vung Tau’s glittering streets are not only a romantic destination, a dream of many lovers, but also an attractive place for couples to take pictures of the wedding. many visitors. Here are the 3 most beautiful lines for you to see the beams of bright orange roses.

On a 2 km long sea-way from Long Hai to Phuoc Hai or along the road near Long Hai Sea, you can go under the row of apricot trees blooming on the road. Here, you will be surprised as you are the country of the cherry blossoms between Vietnam. The row of trees parked on the road to a bright pink bouquet, bright white in the sky Vung Tau.

When traveling to Vung Tau, you can also go along Tran Phu Street to see the apricot blossom. In addition, this is also one of the places to welcome sea breeze blowing day and night.

The road to Big Mountain and Little Mountain is also the most beautiful road to see the apricot blossom. The tourists can take the road Vi Ba to Mount Lon, visit Chan Foot Monastery and Bo De Pagoda. Here, you will be watching the pink of apricot blossom on the roof of the pagoda and wooden fence or stop in the middle of the mountain. In addition, from Ha Long Road turn to the small road to Hai Dang – Small Mountain, you can see the city with the flowers running along the mountain.

When driving through the roads with the apricot blossom on the car, you should stop the car and quietly be watching the blooming apricot blossom, blooming beautiful spring. The stop on these beautiful streets will dissipate the sleepy, tired on the tour of your tourist attractions Vung Tau.

Vung Tau tourism watching the blooming apricot blossom season will be one of the interesting experience for you. With the above experience, you will definitely get a great holiday in the beautiful coastal city.

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