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Experience a day of discovering Mount Nui

Như Nguyễn March 3, 2018

Located about 80km from downtown Saigon, Dinh mountain has long been a popular tourist destination of Vung Tau by enthusiasts to explore. Dinh mountain about 500m high is covered by lush green forest and fresh space. Here, vietnamtips.net will share some interesting experiences in travel Vung Tau tour to Nui Dinh for your reference.

Challenging roads of Mount Dinh

The beginning of the journey to discover Mount Dinh is to visit the temple of Hang Mai but to be able to conquer this tourist destination, you will have to overcome difficult roads with difficulty levels.

To go to the stream of Tien mountain

The asphalt road leads to the foot of Mount Dinh. There are two rows of trees with green leaves as if they are welcoming you. At the end of the road, you turn right to continue on the muddy red dirt road, but this is not the obsession of the car. The car continues to Lake Tien, you turn left and from here the road becomes extremely difficult. Especially on rainy days, this place is muddier.


Pictures of the Tien Vung Tau stream

The last section leading to Hang Mai pagoda is the high slope, elephant bed, and rocky boulders. Especially the last 500m to the gate of Hang Mai pagoda, this road is steep and slippery, challenging the Vung Tau professional Vung Tau.

Hang Mai Buddhist temple, visit the base of Dinh mountain

Hang Mai Temple on the top of Mount Dinh was built in the 1930s. However, due to bomb war, the temple was completely ruined. Later, this place was rebuilt, becoming spacious and extremely spacious as it is today.

A corner of Hang Mai pagoda

Go to Hang Mai pagoda, you can go to the wooden altar in the middle of the main hall and admire the Buddha statue weighing more than 10 tons to be taken to the temple. Behind the pagoda is the base of Mount Dinh, which has sheltered our cadres during the two heroic resistance of the nation.

Walk through the forest to Hang Mai

From the gate of the pagoda, only a few kilometers of forest road, you can explore Hang Mai. This road can only walk. This is also one of the points that make up the unique Vung Tau tourist journey to discover Hang Mai.

Hang Mai is a valley of the basin with two small streams flowing through. Not only that, this place is also gifted natural beauty a dream, attract tourists. Around the cave is a lot of trees and green lawns scattered the aromas of herbs and the sound of birds.

Although the road to Hang Mai hard but the road out quite easily. Once out of Hang Mai, you can explore the old helicopter airport.

Arrive at the helicopter airport to admire the city of Vung Tau

Like the road to Hang Mai, the road to the helipad is only a short walk away. This is a difficult road with many rocks and steep slopes. According to the experience of Vung Tau tourism of many people, you should go with the local people because there are many similar trails will cause you to get lost.


The helicopter is a large rock flat, no trees around. From here, you can zoom out to view Long Son peninsula and beautiful Vung Tau. This airport is suitable for youngsters who love to camp overnight or watch the beautiful sunrise, sunset from the mountain. This will give visitors a great experience.

Down West Pagoda

In addition, you can visit the Buddhist Temple located in the valley of Mount Dinh. The temple is solemn, ancient in the midst of nature beautiful and beautiful forest land. You have to walk down many steps to reach the temple. Space calm, quiet to make the hearts of each visitor deeper and more elegant.

Every year, many activities are organized on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, Vesak Day, Vu Lan ceremony, the ceremony of worship, … Attract thousands of visitors to visit the animals and participate in the activities of the temple.

Conquering Mount Dinh is a challenging journey with winding, steep roads, and thick forest trees. However, the trip to visit these tourist attractions Vung Tau is the nature lovers enjoy. Certainly with the experience at Mount Dinh will bring you an unforgettable vacation in the beautiful city of Vung Tau.

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