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Doc Let Travel Nha Trang: Experiences from A to Z

Như Nguyễn April 13, 2018

1. Doc Let, the name of the curious

Doc Let Nha Trang is also known as Doc Lech, belonging to Ninh Hai Ward, Ninh Hoa Town, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. Doc Let beach stretches with high white sand, separating the mainland from the sea is the blue ocean in the wind.

Why is it called Doc Let?

There are many explanations for the name Doc Let, many visitors first heard of this name was not curious about the reason, its story.

Visiting Doc Let you have to cross the large sand slopes, high to the coast, due to the terrain with high sand dunes that each move as a natural barrier wall sand barrier, slow Every step of you, every time the sand is deep as the footsteps become difficult to step. Every time I walk through Doc Let feel like they just want to “let go” because too tired. But hard work but then you will be paid off when the sand beach, to the beach with the wind blows in the light as the glow wake up after a good summer. Wave waves waving “milestone” over the dunes just high slope.

At present, the majority of natural sandstones are gradually leveled up to facilitate the travel and travel for the expansion of tourism services. You can even catch locals riding motorbikes along the coast, as the sand is flattened and the trail is very quiet.

There are many ways to explain the name of Doc Let different, but they are derived from the reasons for the terrain and nature of the place. Understanding the name Doc Let is quite interesting, you can catch many different stories from local people when talking about this name.

2. What time of the year is suitable for Doc Let?

Doc Let Nha Trang is a sub-region of coastal climate, characterized by tropical monsoon climate and the impact of windy weather so the climate is mild year round.

The annual average temperature is 26.6 degrees Celsius. The rainy season is mainly concentrated in October and November, the average rainfall is about 1350 mm / year. Sunny hours are quite high, about 2482 hours/year. The best time to visit Doc Let is from January to September, when this sunny, sometimes combined with the southwest wind so the scene is very clear, dry.

October to December is the time of the north-east monsoon, traveling at this point of view is mainly due to the cold Doc Let sea can not conduct recreational activities on the coast or under water. Of course, you can not bathe on the beach this season because the water is very cold. If going to Doc Leth in April lunar calendar, in Ninh Diem nearby there is quite interesting worship festival has many conventions to learn and participate. It will be interesting to go on this occasion. Each time we go to different times, we experience a whole new experience.

There are two common means:

Aircraft: Currently, airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Vietjet Air are from Ha Noi, Saigon and Da Nang to Cam Ranh airport.

You can book tickets online through these airlines, then to Cam Ranh airport and then to Nha Trang city center. Rent a taxi or motorbike to Doc Let.

4. Places not to be missed when visiting Doc Let

Enjoy Doc Let beach

Doc Let beach appears with a pure beauty covered by pure white sand that appeals to any visitor when coming here. Doc Let is still quite pristine, dense green trees cover the coast, the sea blue in jade, blue beaches that the north rarely. The sea is so green that it can be seen by the small fish swimming beneath it, and by the glittering grains of the sand.

Doc Let beach is very quiet due to the wide range of hills surrounding the shield, making the sea surface very quiet when there is great wind. Most of the hills also preserve the evergreen forest of a color to create a sense of proximity to nature.

Unlike other beaches, Doc Let seabed is far from shore, the water level is not high, distance from shore is 100 m but the water level is only about chest level. Often the beach as far away from the water as deep but by the accretion of sand should go forever see the “bottom”.

Another point, if you bring children to play with your children on the beach, so-called bathing beaches because the water level is very low, children and people do not know how to swim, do not worry about drowning. White sand is smooth like a young woman’s skin, smoothed by white ripples. The sea waves are not too bad, the water is green but very salty. Try a sip immediately.


An immense casuarina forest, winding in the wind like a wall made of natural green trees feel cool. After bathing, wearing sunglasses walk barefoot under Casuarina, step by step put on fine sand brings a gentle feeling like being massage every paragraph under the feet. Long-distance vision is a blue, picking up every ray of sunshine through the shade trees give you a feeling of quite hard to describe.

A beautiful beach with pure white sand, clear blue water, clear white sand at the bottom. This place will be an ideal place to help you leave the tension, sadness behind and open the soul to receive a wonderful holiday with Doc Let

If you want to direct the name of “Doc Let” you go to the sand dunes to test the feeling of a sand slide from the top. Believe this feeling only when you climb the sand hill. My body is covered with sand, sand in my ear, and in my hair, even sand in my mouth because of sand.

Space here gives you a sense of freedom, more freedom than ever before, exposing yourself in the sunshine, dropping yourself in the blue sea, visual as flooded in the dream scene, full of seductive mind, space Beautiful, close to nature, all senses open to feel every moment.


At Doc Let Beach, you have to prepare camp first because the tent rental service is not complete. At night with a group of friends or relatives sitting next to the campfire, with a gentle wave. It’s best to be prepared for your night camping plan, with all the essential supplies and some food for the night.
Before going, visit one of the most beautiful locations and remember not to mention the protection of the beach area on your specific camping time. Choose high sand mounds to avoid tidal water, be careful with the fire because of surrounding casuarina trees. 
Coastal camping does not make you happy. Try another campsite, you can also set up a small campsite inside the casuarina forest.
The nighttime space in the casuarina forest will bring new experiences. Deliver at the hotel, bring some water and food you can enjoy the night in the wilderness.

Boat hire exploring the island

At 20.000 VND / time, you can rent small boats of local people to explore the small islands around. This service attracts adventurous young people, you will hand over the paddle on the water line along the coast to visit the beautiful island. Live like the villagers fishing a two-dew. If the water is quiet but does not forget to prepare your life jacket.
On the small boat in the middle of the water, the vast space of heaven, cage, help dispel any feeling of unhappiness. How many buckets, born then seem to no longer exist this place to give room for laughter echo echoing a whole sky.

Visit the fishing village

Ninh Thuy fishing village is not far from Doc Let beach, so you can walk along the beach to visit the fishing village. In Ninh Thuy, you will encounter the small village gate, sweeping pink lacquer, hurriedly typing on two sides: the front of the gate toward the sea recorded only village names such as “Village Thuy Dam”, “Ba Ha Village “, The back of the text” Thien than noon Nhon Hoa “.
A fishing village is an ideal place for you to try your luck as a fisherman for a day, try netting, rowing, fishing, fishing. The people here are simple, rustic, very hospitable, come here simple life away from the bustling city. Go deep inside the small intakes, you will enjoy the new dishes extremely attractive, such as rice noodles, fish noodles, apple tea … your taste is absolutely convinced.

To the salt field, you hear the story of salt particles, from the time they were water until crystallized into white granules. The process of making a grain of salt consists of many first steps is to flush the field and then sand, sand, stomach, brush, mold and finally get water poured into the crystalline. Listen to not only see the salt people hard work, like how to make salt grains. For the landlord they do not like the “rain across”, just a sudden rain not to hand back is how much effort was swept away by the water.

Hon Heo

From the beach, Doc Let go south about 6 km to Hon Heo. Hon Heo is also called Phuoc Ha Son because this place is a group of over 10 different large mountains, the highest is Hon Heo in the middle.

On Hon Heo there are many high peaks of over 800m, including some mountains such as 716m high roof to the north, in the middle is Hon Heo 819m, Hon Du is southwest 777m, Hon Tung, Hon Nhon … under 500m high

In Hon Heo, there are many tourist services: boating, parasailing, scuba diving, motorbike on water. To Doc Let beach you should always visit the Hon Heo.

The distance between Doc Let and Hon Heo is not far so you can combine to go to Doc Let beach to Hon Heo to enjoy mountain forests. It is better to stand on top of Hon Heo, which covers the vast sea, including Doc Let beach.

Festivals, games

In Doc Let Beach, the Bai Choi competition takes place. Bai Choi is a form of art stage performing folk songs and typical folk games of the Central people. In particular, the Bai Choi festival is staged and performed entirely by local people, who work on the sea.

Huts are popular and are indispensable spiritual food for the working people. On every occasion, rural leisure is very popular this game. The hut has the same form of play bingo with 32 cards and plays space takes place in nine huts made of bamboo paintings. Initially, the game was only family-oriented, and later people set up huts on the vacant lot to attract visitors to participate. This is the spiritual food that stimulates the spirit of unity in the community.

Come to Doc Let you not only enjoy coastal space, experience the folk culture, learn about the life of fishing village people to Doc Let you can also join the game on such as water motor, rowing boat, umbrella, basketball, beach volleyball … In that space, people are more healthy and have a clear mind. Doc Let Beach is an ideal place for everyone, especially children.

After hours of fun at the beach, you can relax under the wooden umbrellas and enjoy fresh seafood at Doc Let restaurant. There are also many attractive services such as bar, massage, sauna, karaoke, conference hall, tennis court, souvenir shop … It is easy to stay overnight at Doc Let resort after one day. the playful Night scene is very quiet.

Doc Let beach has entertainment services organized by travel agencies such as banana boat, motorboat, kayaking … average price from 150,000 to 250,000 VND / 30 minutes. And there is no shortage of an intriguing sport of parachute flying at 450,000 VND / 15 minutes.

Watch the red phoenix

Seems like going to sea to see Casuarina in the wind, blue coconut shine has become familiar to many tourists prefer to explore the sea. However, to Doc Let you also immersed in the red phoenix on the right summer, color reminders reminiscent of distant memories, color as the desire to return to a young age full of enthusiasm.

Nestled in the midst of the bustling red flora of summer is the 44 bungalows, built according to the style of the sea floor, combining sophistication between classical and modern architecture. Especially, this place has 4,000m2 phoenix hill to increase the beauty of primitive, rustic. This is also an address cannot be ignored for those who love photography.

5. Eat anything, drink anything to Doc Let

Small boats selling specialties such as crabs, snails, shrimps, squid … are fresh and whipped, processed on the spot, aromatic, with a little salt and lemon. These are the sweetness of the sea that can not be forgotten. Doc Let Restaurant also does not lack the delicious dishes processed from seafood, fresh vegetables. Fish noodles, rice noodles, spring rolls, rolls … have made a specific identity for Doc Let.

In addition, you can try more ink cake in Ninh Diem.

You can rent a small shed on the beach where seafood is prepared when the shower is empty, you can enjoy it immediately.

If you want to self-processing you can go to the seafood market nearby there are many kinds of fresh seafood to choose from.

Some restaurants in Doc Let:

Cafe U Tena serves drinks and breakfast, address: People’s Committee of Ninh Hai Ward, Doc Let, Ninh Hoa Town.

Seafood Restaurant U Sani specializes in serving seafood, Address: Doc Let 653022, Ha Huy Tap, Ninh Hoa town.

Doc Let Sea Breeze Restaurant serves fresh seafood and homemade beef dishes, address: 322 Le Hong Phong, My A, Ninh Thuy, Ninh Hoa.

6. Hotel in Doc Let

The service system here is quite complete, with comfortable hotels and resorts hidden in casuarina forests. You will have a chance to rest in tranquil surroundings, with the sounds of casuarina and murmur of waves.

You can stay in the beach area, there are many motels, hotels for you to choose.

Some high-end resorts you can refer to White Sand Doc Let Resort & Spa right next to the sea, the price is not as expensive as other high-end resorts where the service is very good; White Sand Doclet has a private beach

There are also some 2-star hotels about a 3-minute walk from the beach, such as Hoang Khang Hotel, with restaurants, prices ranging from 280,000 to 940,000.

If you go to Doc Let in the day and then back to the center of Nha Trang city rest can refer to some of the following locations:

Prime Hotel

Prime Hotel Address: 04 Ton Dan Street, Nha Trang City. There is a full range of services: Outdoor swimming pool, Spa, sauna, hot tub, massage, restaurant, bar, room service.

Cecilia Nha Trang Hotels & Spa

The hotel is located at 7 Le Loi, Nha Trang City. With its elegant West Asian design combined with elegance and elegance, the Cecilia Hotel captures value and value for the brand.

Swimming pool & Spa, pool (children), outdoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, hot tub, fitness center, solarium, massage, 24-hour reception, trouser press, daily maid service …

7. What to buy as a gift at Doc Let Nha Trang?

The most commonly bought seafood is seafood, in addition, you can buy mango cake, dace, fish …

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