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Carrying out a full travel guide book Thien Cam sea – Ha Tinh

Như Nguyễn April 17, 2018

Being like the “sky music” of Ha Tinh province, Thien Cam beach with its beauty, tranquility, tranquility, and freshness is an unforgettable destination for visitors who love to explore new places. Bring the full tour guide, Thien Cam of Vietnamtips, to have a fun trip offline.

Thien Cam beach in Cam Xuyen district, Ha Tinh province, about 20km from the center of the city. Although not as crowded and famous as Cua Lo (Nghe An) sea, but Thien Cam sea attractive tourists by the beauty and pure pristine.

The ideal time to travel Thien Cam sea

The ideal time to explore Thien Cam beach is summer, especially from June to July. During this time you will really feel the green, fresh and calm in the sea here. From August 8-10 Thien Cam beach is in the storm season so you should avoid traveling to Thien Cam at this time.

How to move to Thien Cam beach?

From Hanoi, visitors move to Thien Cam beach in various forms:

Bus: This is the most convenient and economical way to travel to Thien Cam beach. There are Van Minh, Cuong Cay (Underground Water) and Hoang Long (Luong Yen) carriages. The cars are approaching Thien Cam wharf for fares ranging from 200-220k / person.

Trains: Depart from 10 am, 6 am to Vinh. When you reach Vinh Station, you can choose to travel by taxi or rent a car to Thien Cam beach.

Private car: This move is suitable for family travel. You just need to straighten National Road 1A towards the South. The distance from Hanoi to Ha Tinh is 341km, to Ha Tinh you go 20km further to the sea to Thien Cam.

From Saigon, you can move to Ha Tinh by plane, train or bus:

Aircraft: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, and Vietjet Airlines have TP. Ho Chi Minh City – Vinh daily, flight time is about 1 hour 50 minutes and fares range from 1 million per day depending on the flight. Drop off at Vinh airport and you will continue to drive by car or bus from Vinh to Ha Tinh.

Train: You select Saigon – Huong Pho Street (Ha Tinh) with fares ranging from 600k-1tr500 depending on seat class. From Huong Pho Station, you can continue to travel by taxi or rent a car to Thien Cam Beach.

Passenger car: Currently Huy Hoang car, Hoang Long has a car from TP. Ho Chi Minh City to Ha Tinh with ticket price from 600k / person comes from the bus station in the east.

Attractions and entertainment at Thien Cam beach

Thien Cam beach

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the sea and cool blue sea. Thien Cam beach in the central province should be clearer and cleaner than the beaches in the North. Thien Cam beach has three beaches, the most beautiful is the main beach 3km long, the remaining two beaches 10km long. The blue sea, sandy beaches, soft white sand stretches gentle with the rock formations want to look like the wild and rustic beauty in the sea of Thien Cam.

Thien Cam Mountain

If you are looking for a location to enjoy the whole of this beautiful beach, head to Thien Cam Mountain right on the beach. At 108m above sea level, just standing at the top of the mountain you can see and observe the entire sea of Thien Cam and surrounding islands.

Cam Son Pagoda

On the mountain, Thien Cam also has a Pagoda, former temple Ho Quy Ly father was built in the 13th century. Here visitors also admire the footprint “million years” of the giant still visible on them. stone slabs.

Hon Be Island – Hon Be Island

Thien Cam has two main islands: Hon Bo Island and Hon En Island. On the shore near Hon Boc with mountains, giant elephant statues and exotic rocks stretch out to the sea. Offshore is the island of Hon Én looks like hand protect the fishermen from storms from life to death. To visit the two islands, you can contact directly with the tourist boat or hotel reception to book a boat tour with the price of 500-600k / boat.

Other recreational activities

Guests can take part in other recreational activities around the Thien Cam Sea such as: Tram ride around the resort & fishing village (50k / round for 7-8 people), double bike ride (30-40k / h) , night squid fishing (1tr300-1tr500 / delegation); or visit other attractive tourist attractions in Ha Tinh.

Where to go to Thien Cam beach?

As a wild beach, the number of hotels is not much. Vietnamtips recommends Thien Cam Union Hotel – Ha Tinh with 3 star standard with full facilities and facilities for tourists. In addition, the hotel is also a quite convenient location with beautiful sea view, making it convenient for guests to watch the dawn and romantic sunset or take a stroll around the romantic Thien Cam beach.

Address: Lien Thanh Street, Thien Cam Town, Cam Xuyen District, Ha Tinh Province

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What to eat at Thien Cam beach?

Not only with the beauty of unspoiled sea island, Thien Cam sea also attracts visitors by diversified seafood cuisine with cheap price. Guests can buy seafood at Cua Nhuong fishing port or manually catch seafood in the stone niche and processing in place. Plates of seafood include: sun-dried squid (250k / head), shellfish (30k / kg), shellfish, grouper porridge, tuna, shrimp, oysters

In addition to the seafood specialties, Thien Cam tourist attractions are also famous for grilled goat specialties. The goat meat in Thien Cam is soft, sweet, lean, low in fat and thin and often eaten with ginger leaves. The ginger sauce has attracted many customers when coming to the sea of Thien Cam.

Travel in the summer, you do not forget to enjoy birds Cu Ky – specialties Thien Cam. Birds are just as large as normal chickens, brown or blue, with green dots on the neck. Cu Chi fish are processed into different dishes such as porridge, grilled birds, birds. Cu Chi bird meat is delicious, especially delicious. It is unfortunate that if you go to Thien Cam, you miss this specialty.

What gifts to buy in Thien Cam beach?

Besides dried seafood such as squid, dried squid, … (can be bought at a fish market, flea market), there are many other specialties of Ha Tinh that tourists can buy as gifts people relatives and friends.

Fish sauce: Follow the road along the coast to the south, you will find the fishing village of the age of over a hundred years. Not only have the fish offshore, the people here not only have the ability to go fishing, good fishing but also the famous fish sauce processing. With a distinctive taste, delicious sweet smell, you can buy as gifts or donations to relatives.

Candy Cucumber: A famous specialty in Ha Tinh, the candy has a rustic appearance but when eaten back to the sweet sweetness of sugar cane, the fat of the peanuts mixed with the fragrant spicy of fresh and crispy ginger. Bread of multi-cake. Therefore, candy sticks are one of the specialties that many tourists choose to buy as gifts after moving to Thien Cam – Ha Tinh.

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