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“Beautiful beauty” crater Ly Son viewed from above

ngocanh September 21, 2018

From above, the remains of ancient Ly Son craters such as Thoi Loi, Gieng Tien, Hon Vung … look fascinating. These destinations have opened up a unique range of marine wonders that attract tourists to visit and learn. Let Vntrip.vn contemplate the beauty of the beautiful nature here. “Beautiful beauty” crater Ly Son viewed from above Back from Flycam on high, traces of volcanic craters dating back millions of years in Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai are identical to the “giant pan” located in the middle of the sea. The five mountains that formed Ly Son Island today are the five volcanoes that were turned off millions of years ago. Ly Son tourism enchanted all the guests set foot here by the vigorous beauty and poetic beauty of this volcanic island. Looking down from above, the crater of the Well looks like a huge pan standing in the middle of the sky. The Ly Son crater is hundreds of meters wide, 30-40 meters high, and is expected to be around one million years old.

Create an interesting shape in the west of Ly Son Island is derived from ancient Miocene deposits. At the high part of the crater of the Well, the eruption cut through the rocky mountains into unique, interesting shapes. The Ly Son volcano runs winding around the unique terraces, creating a beautiful natural painting only on Ly Son island. According to Assoc. Prof. Vu Cao Minh (Institute of Geology – Vietnam Academy of Sciences and Technology), Ly Son island district has up to 10 craters were discovered. Among these are Ly Son Craters, 6 volcanoes in Big Island, 1 mouth on Be Island and 3 other mouths sinking under the ocean floor.

Covering the crest of Thoi Lui Crater – the largest mountain of the five mountains in Ly Son is the cliff of Cau. Crater on the top of Thoi Loi Mountain was sprayed a million years ago, the lake has a diameter of 0.35 km, the height of 149 m. This is the ideal viewing platform to attract most tourists while traveling in Ly Son. Around this crater is a rich and varied vegetation along with protective poplar forests that create a clean atmosphere, a “green lung” for the surrounding area.

Looking from above, the fertile fields surrounding the volcanic crater of Hon Din create a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere on Be Ly Son Island. The scientists identified the area as having three volcanic craters, one onshore and two underwater volcanic craters. From the volcanic rock deposits on the island of Be, we can see the crater of the Great Temple is embracing the temple is extremely mysterious. Along the shore waves can rise to 2-3m to bring a sense of excitement for each visitor.

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